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Archive for February 2018

The Duke 2.0 has been delayed indefinitely.

Unfortunately our supplier of Duke hilts did not come through.  After making off with thousands of dollars and providing no product to us, we have decided to scrap this project for now.  My sincerest apologies, but this hilt was being made by ** Sabers and we were overlooked on our allotment.  Check back regularly, as…

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Jacen Solo Lightsabers Returning 2020!

The sleek Jacen Solo lightsabers flew out of the shop almost as soon as they were available last run, and so now I’m bringing them back as a limited run in late 2020 or early 2021! Check back regularly, as I am adding cool new sabers often! Subscribe in the footer below to follow LDM…

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The MKVI V2 Saber has Returned in 2019!

One look at this stunning saber brings on a deep sense of nostalgia… If you missed your chance to get the hand-crafted MKVI V2 saber in previous limited runs, now is your chance! The MKVI V2 Saber is now available for DIY (for the very first time!) or commission. Check back regularly, as I am…

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