Bastila Shan KotOR Saber (single hilt) – Eco Sound & RGB Tri-Cree


A gorgeous Single-Bladed Bastila Saber with CFX & Plecterpixel~!

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This is a ready to ship Single blade Bastila Shan saber from the Knights of the Old Republic Video game.  It is the Eco version with Flash on Clash & smoothswing enabled!!!.  The details are listed below.  It is brand new and spotless. This one will be sold in “as-is” state and is BRAND NEW.  This is not marked up, it is the same price as if you ordered it this way, but you avoid the 16-18 week wait!


  • Bastila Shan Single hilt
  • Eco Sound (9 font sound package with smoothswing)
  • RGB Tri-Cree
  • 3.7V (18650) Li-ion battery (in Hilt Recharge)
  • AOF Sturdy 3D printed Chassis
  • 27mm HO speaker/2.1mm Recharge port Module

Can ship within one week.  Does not include a blade or charger, but I have them as needed.


Here is a link to the video of this saber:  VIDEO


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 6 × 6 in


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