Malakyte 2.0


The LDM Classic KotOR Darth Malak – inspired Dueling Saber is back!

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The Malakyte 2.0 continues the vaunted tradition of durability and quality established by the original Malakyte saber line.  It employs the same double-choke architecture as the Original Malakyte and 51TH Commando PV sabers for awesome spin-ability.  The electronics are also installed in the exact same manner as in the Original Malakyte sabers to ensure extreme durability for those who wish to duel with some level of vigor.  All new color schemes are available as well as some oldies but goodies!


Stunt Saber (no sound) 5C2-1, Included Items: Will include saber with non-lighted 16 mm switch, 2 or 3 AAA battery holder (with Velcro strap).  This level also includes a 3W LED in any of the Standard colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Violet or Cyan).

Saber (with sound) 5C2-2 to 5C2-5, Included Items: The Saber will include the following: Plecterlabs™ Sound, 3.7V Li-ion (In-Hilt recharge w/2.1mm Recharge/kill in pommel), LDM Vented Free-Spin Pommel insert™, Machined Resonance Chamber, HO Speaker, Basic Kill-key, non-lighted 16 mm switch. These levels also include a 3W LED in any of the Standard colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Violet or Cyan).

***NOTE 1 – This is an in-stock item and once ordered will take 16-18 weeks to ship. DIY hilts will ship within one week.

***NOTE 2 –  Make sure that you read my warranty and Policies, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to them.

***NOTE 3 –  A Shipping charge will be added to all sales.  If you want Insurance, you must ask for it.  Insurance is automatically charged on all Sabers valued at $500 or more.  A 4% (4.5% International) online convenience fee will be added to all PayPal transactions.

Final Notes:  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of saber.  They are, however available (See above).

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 in

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