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This is a cool opportunity.  Often people ask “what do I need to DIY my very own lightsaber?”  Well, whether you don’t know what you need or just want to DIY a cool hilt that has lots of possibilities for customization, this is a great place to be!  You can buy just an empty hilt (comes with everything you see in the pictures), or the hilt and any other parts you may need to complete a nice entry-level saber!  If you want literally EVERYTHING you need to complete the build, just select “full package” from the DIY Parts/Accessories section and you will receive an empty hilt and everything you need to build the saber (except a CT wheel, blade & charger which you can also add as well if you like).  There are 10 available and when they’re gone, they’re gone.


***NOTE 1 – This is an in-stock item and once ordered will take 10 days or less to ship.

***NOTE 2 –  Make sure that you read my warranty and Policies, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to them.  We will not warranty this product because you are DIY-ing it!

***NOTE 3 –  A Shipping charge will be added to all sales.  Insurance is automatically charged on all sabers with a value greater than $500, so if you don’t select it, we will invoice you for it prior to shipping.  No exceptions.

Final Notes:  This will be a bare aluminum hilt and may need mild touch-up sanding/clocking and/or polishing if you want her to really shine!  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of saber. They are, however available in the accessories section.



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