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The MKVI-e, A Thin-necked Lighted ROTJ V3 Saber

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This page is for clients who wish to order the MKVI-e in V3 Trim.  Pricing structure will be kept current to the best of my ability, but is subject to change without notice.
The saber shown here is the Proof of concept saber, but is representative of what the MKVI-e V3 looks like.  Electronics will be housed in a sturdy printed chassis.

What makes it a Luke ROTJ v3?

By Caine, August 14 at 11:52pm

The Luke V3, also known as the “Luke/Obi Shared Stunt”. It, along with the Yuma variant, is one of the lesser known versions of Luke’s ROTJ saber. The V2 generally gets the most press as it is the version shown predominately onscreen, and the Hero’s popularity is right along beside it. However, we mustn’t forget all the important other sabers that make up the ROTJ saber family. In fact, the V3 is just as important as the V2, just in different ways.

Here are some facts about the V3:

1. It is cast out of the same mold as the V2.

2. It’s a another left over stunt saber that Alec Guinness used in ANH.

3. Although we all know that the “Hero” Obi saber was made up from various parts, for the stunt saber all that was needed was a similar looking hilt, but the details didn’t need to be exact to the prop – hence the V2 and V3’s similarities to the Obi ANH.

4. It’s paint job is that of the Hero, but the Graflex clamp is the main difference over the control box.

5. There are areas that are covered with mylar tape. One of these areas toward the pommel, one can clearly tell of a covered hole. I suspect this was a hole that one of the wires ran thru that operated the original motor that spun the dowel rod that made up the blade, when it was used for fight scenes in ANH.

6. It is a fighting saber. Based on the pics in this thread, it was used for the final fight with Vader. The V2 at one time was a fighting saber, but by ROTJ had become a belt hanger.

7. Although the paint job resembles the Hero, the black painted “band” at the top of the emitter is unexplained. It doesn’t follow any color scheme of the Luke saber, so it’s rather odd. At the same time, it sets it apart from the other hilts.

8. It’s the saber prop that was lent to NASA, and was actually briefly put into space.


***NOTE 1 – This is an in-stock item and once ordered will take 16-18 weeks to ship.

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Final Notes:  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of saber.  They are, however available (See above).

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