MKVI V2, Series III


The MKVI V2, The Original V2 ROTJ Thin-necked Lighted Saber

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The third series of the Original Production ROTJ V2, The MKVI V2, is here! This is the genuine article updated for modern electronics and increased dimensional and detail hero-prop accuracy including accurate mystery chunk, knurled knob, pommel cubes and blade plug.  These now include the accurate V2 clamp card as well!

The saber shown here is the Proof of concept saber, but is representative of what the MKVI V2 looks like. Please see the gallery above. The blade plug pictures is now INCLUDED at no extra cost!  Electronics are housed in a sturdy printed (by Armonfire designs) chassis.  I hope to have updated pictures and video up soon, but this hilt is seriously sweet!
Here is a link to an updated video of this hilt with Plecterpixel blade and CFX! CFXv2 Plecterpixel VIDEO
These next 15 Pictures are the Weathered version (final pic is the original V2 with the copper trace card):

These next 6 Pictures are of the AFBB version (next to the weathered version):


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Final Notes:  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of saber.  They are, however available as ordered options in the drop down menu.


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