SERVICES, Policies & Warranty

If you're interested in other services, please see the list below. Once you're satisfied with what I can offer, please CONTACT ME to get the conversation going.

***Be advised the prices listed do not include parts cost. Additional parts required for your build will be passed on to you.  I charge my cost for all parts used.

***Labor Fees included in price unless otherwise specified and all prices are subject to change.

Definition of "Miscellaneous (misc.) parts":

This list can include TCSS Premium speakers, switches, wire, battery holders, etc. (Basically anything I need to purchase to build your saber.)

Install in-hilt Rechargeable battery system

Li-ion 3.7V (Traditional): $35

Li-ion 3.7V (Plecterpixel): $55

Li-ion 7.4V: $55

~Prices may change based on different batteries or special pack requests.  I also may need to add a hole to your hilt (if so, this is included in the cost).

Install MR/Hasbro FX Sound (in a saber capable of holding it):

Level 1: Customer supplied board - $60-70 (price includes the install labor only, parts extra).
Level 2: LDM Supplied board - $115-125 (price includes board and install labor, parts extra).
Option: Premium speaker upgrade adds $10

~Be advised these prices do not include misc* parts cost.

Install Pico Crumble (Pico)

Level 1: LDM supplied board $225.00.

Level 2: Single Color LED and Flash on Clash for Pico adds $15 to the cost (LED cost included).

Level 3: Full RGB Color Change for Pico adds $65 to the cost (LED cost included).

***Note 1: This price is for a straight swap of boards only. Should you want your old sound board returned to you there is a surcharge of $25.00* (applies to CF installs as well)***

***Note 2: These prices do not include *misc* parts cost or custom sound font cost (I will not "pirate" fonts for you but I can get whatever you need).

Install Nano Biscotti (Nano)

Level 1: LDM supplied board $255.00.

Level 2: Single Color LED and Flash on Clash for Nano adds $15 to the cost (LED cost included).

Level 3: Full RGB Color Change for Nano adds $65 to the cost (LED cost included).

***Note 1: This price is for a straight swap of boards only. Should you want your old sound board returned to you there is a surcharge of $25.00* (applies to CF installs as well)***

***Note 2: These prices do not include *misc* parts cost or custom sound font cost (I will not "pirate" fonts for you but I can get whatever you need).

Install Crystal Focus (CFX)

(*For Customer supplied boards, but I prefer to provide the CF *)

Level 1: Basic Install and setup (Includes stock sound fonts, and basic calibration...board price added if I supply it)- CFX - $225 + Board Cost.
Level 2: Everything in Level 1 + FoC - adds $15 to the Level 1 cost.
Level 3: Everything in Level 1 + Full Color Mixed RGB  adds $65 to the Level 1 cost.

Level 4: Everything in Level 1 + Plecterpixel  Parts (included) adds $75 to the Level 1 cost.

***Note 1: For Custom Installs and advanced setups - **CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE**
***Note 2: These prices do not include *misc.* parts cost or custom sound font cost (I will not "pirate" fonts for you but I can get whatever you need).
***Note 3: RICE ports will NOT Automatically be installed in a hilt.  I will use RICE to tune Color-mixed installs, if you want the port left inside the hilt (and it is possible for your build) you must confirm with me BEFORE we begin.  RICE-added surcharge is $45.

Master Replicas (MR) saber Luxeon-style LED conversion

(Basic MR/Hasbro Signature Series (Hfx) Saber conversion)

***For owner supplied sabers and do not include any "extra" features!  I will take these time permitting (which it rarely is nowadays).

Level 1: Basic Conversion:  $165 (all parts included).

Level 2: Metal BH conversion $215 (all parts included).

Level 3: MR Luke ESB (ESB only) $250 (all parts included).

Other MR/Hfx Services: LED Swap for a new color or different color (or Replacement) in an already converted saber:  $35 ($42 for TruPurpleTM) plus cost of LED..

Parks/Saberkit/Sith Planet Conversion price list

See the Link:  HERE.

Install Accent LED in saber (including in a lighted switch)

~Basic 5mm LED $10 each plus LED (or switch) cost
~Basic machining for a lighted switch $12.50

~LED bar-graph: email me for a quote.

Install Crystal Pommel(TM)/chamber in Saber (that is capable of holding one)


Faux Crystal Pommel(TM) is an accent LED in the pommel of the saber that mimics a "crystal" glowing from the inside of the hilt.

Crystal Pommel(TM) is an actual crystal in the pommel of the saber with an accent LED inside it for a more stunning visual effect.  Not all sabers can accommodate this option and for those a Faux Crystal Pommel(TM) is a great option.

Level 1: Faux Crystal Pommel(TM): $35 plus parts
Level 2: True Crystal Pommel(TM): $75 plus parts
Level 3: Crystal Chamber (If Reasonably possible to make work in your particular project): $95-$295 plus parts

Install Reverse Sound(TM) system

Definition of Reverse Sound(TM):

Sound exiting a saber in the "reverse" direction that is considered "traditional".  Most sabers' speakers are located in the pommel and the sound exits the back of the hilt.  In a Reverse Sound(TM) saber, the sound exits near the Emitter (the part that holds the blade).  Not all hilts are able to accommodate Reverse Sound(TM) set-ups.

If your saber is amenable to Reverse Sound(TM), the cost is: $65 plus parts.

Install a Color Mixed Main LED

(Including: Aqua(TM), TruPurple(TM), IceBlu(TM), VioletIce(TM), SkyBlu(TM), Viridian, Orange, Yellow, etc.) :

Level 1: Done while other work is being done to a saber, $49 (LED included)
Level 2: Done as a sole upgrade (not while other work being done to the saber), $125 (LED included)

***Note: for full color change options please see the particular soundboard installs for pricing.

Weathering a Saber

Level 1: For a single color (black or copper) $55-$65
Level 2: For multiple colors (black &/or copper/gold) $95-$125

***Note:  All weathered sabers are weathered in Triple-Baked Enamel(TM) and are exceptionally durable.  The weathering will not 'rub off'.

Powder Coating


1. Powder Coating is limited to colors on hand (if I have to order it, you pay a $12 additional fee + Powder cost).

2. There is a 2 piece per color minimum charge.

3. I ask that people finish sand their parts prior to sending them to me and polish any parts to be translucently PC'd. Quality is guaranteed, but if you have never seen translucent PC first hand, it could disappoint you (it looks better in pictures than in real life).  If I have to do more than basic prep on your parts, you will be charged DOUBLE.

~Translucent colors are $18 per piece

~Black or opaque colors are $12.50 per piece.

Custom build Category

If it is not a BASIC swap or install and is not listed here, it falls into the CUSTOM category. Please contact me via webform or email for a Quote.

If you have something special in mind for your saber, based on my previous work, contact me to discuss it.

Build Changes

LATE CHANGES to a saber build will make it COST MORE and your SABER WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THESE CHARGES ARE PAID. All Change fees will be reasonable and in accordance with my standard pricing structures elucidated herein.

Additional Charges (A-C below)

Some Sabersmiths apply these charges as they go, or they just let it slide. I have tried the latter and the former. Neither result was satisfactory. So,  I am telling you upfront this is how it is.

A) Late Change Fee Structure:

After a deposit has been paid and the parts are ordered, any changes by the client  will involve a fee, which is: Parts cost/parts return cost + $25.00.

B) Rush Order Fee: 

To Rush your Order there is a $25.00 base + $15.00 for each saber ahead of yours.
For example: Your saber has 7 other builds ahead of it. You need it NOW!  An $115.00 fee will be added to your bill.

C) Nuisance Fee(s):

Once your build is started I will answer status requests once a week. Three (3) status requests or more in any 2 week period will have a $20.00 fee added, per request. If you want it rushed see above.

If any of these fees is applied/billed to you, they must be paid before your saber is shipped.

Payment plans (for completed builds only)

1.  At the completion of the project, the buyer be notified and will have 1 month maximum to pay for his/her saber. (+/- 1 to 2 days is reasonable, but don't try to take advantage).  The one Month clock starts on the day that I inform you that your saber is finished.***On day 33 a 10% fee will be added.

2.  25% initial deposit on Balance owed (on top of the deposit required for the initiation of all projects) is made within one week of completed project notification.

3.  Payments will be considered non-refundable deposits, unless YOU find another buyer that will pay in full.

4.  I will accept Paypal payments + 4% (4.5% International) or Cashier's checks only for those who choose the payment plan. No Exceptions.

5.  The Completed saber (and any accessories) will not ship until full payment is made.


1. HILT DAMAGE: Accidents happen during removal and installation. Although I take great care in my work, any potential damage as a result of me working on your saber is a risk that you, the client take when you contract me.  When you commission me, you are agreeing to this stipulation.

2. SHIPPING DAMAGE: Damage that occurs during shipping will be repaired by me if the client so chooses, at a reasonable fee.  We take great care in packing all projects and are not responsible for any damage incurred during shipping.  We ALWAYS recommend shipping insurance and indeed require it on all projects with a value over $500.

3. COMPONENT FAILURE: LDM Custom Sabers is not responsible for Soundboard failures, switch failure, failed battery packs, blown speakers, or over driven LEDS.  In other words, if the part is mass manufactured, I do not warranty it.  I do my very best to build with the best quality parts available at the time and will work with folks should something happen, but realize that there will be fees involved.

4. PROJECT DEPOSIT:  All Project deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  I use those deposits to purchase parts needed for each project.  If you, the client back out of a project, your deposit WILL NOT be returned to you.  If we (LDM Custom Sabers) are unable to complete your project within a reasonable time frame (presented at the beginning of the project +/- 2 months), we will offer you a refund of your deposit minus PayPal fees.

5. DEPOSIT AMOUNT: For any "Product Saber" with Crystal Shard or Crystal focus, please follow this link.  For custom projects, contact me because it varies from 10-25% depending on the details.


I was able to purchase the Dark Malakyte that was recently debuted. It's great to have yet another affordable stunt option out there for saberplayers. It's a very nicely made and streamline hilt, and very comfortable to wield in both single and dual  hands. LDM was right, the resonance is indeed epic (that new speaker is great) and the purple FoC is stunning and dramatic. Thank you LDM for another great product.

Egon McGreggor

So much love for Anakus from me!!! Man I really love that Saber and can't thank LDM enough for building it! I wish you guys could hold it in your own hands, its texture is amazing! Its beautiful from each angle and there are so many details!

Johannes Huber

Another perfect 5/5 for the General. I purchased (I think) the second Malakyte with a custom blade color and custom weathering/powder coating, and as always, the General doesn't just do what he promises, he goes way beyond. Complete agreement with Caine on the high quality of the piece and utterly blown away by how fast, helpful and dedicated General Grievous is. As always, highest recommendation for both the product and the maker. If you want a really nice saber, these are fantastic pieces with an amazing amount of work and craft put into them.


Had Primum sent in for a custom blade holder from GG/LDM, and Im floored with the quality: the very highest!!! Not only did the saber get a BH, but received some minor (yet beautiful) tweaks to the overall design in order for it all match perfectly!!! Communication is friendly, informative, and seamless. Has a fantastic eye for design (duh) and I eagerly look forward to doing business with him in the future. For GREAT customer service, ASTOUNDING craftsmanship, and FAST overall project time and delivery


I just wanted to give GG a 5/5 for the amazing he work he did with Malakus. This man was courteous, patient with inquiries, and is very reliable. You can tell the passion he has for his craft by the sturdy, yet understated elegance of his sabers. Big ups, big man.


I can't describe how helpful GG has been. 
My wife has her Dark Malakyte in purple, and I have a blade for my newly acquired Obi. He was helpful in all sorts of ways, from discussing the options, to discussing a custom build I'll be having him start as soon as he has an opening. A true professional, and a class act. I will be getting more from GG in the near future.